Hunt wife -Screen Print

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These can go on any blend shirt

MUST use a heatpress

Plastisol Screen Print Transfer
Can Go On Any Color And Any Material

How To apply our transfers:

1.No Teflon Sheets, covers, or pillows.
EVER They Dissipate the heat too much
resulting in poorly applied transfers.

2. Calibrate your heat press- a heat gun
is a great way to make sure your heat press
is accurate.

3.Pressure, Pressure, Pressure!- Making sure
your heat press is giving lots of and
EVEN pressure is very important!

4. Set your heat press to 325 Degrees

5. Make sure your pressure is set to High
(8-9 manual. 60PSI automatic)

6. Press Your Transfer for 10 seconds-(side note-
I personally fold up a telfon sheet to a small
square and put it in between my hand and the
top of the heat press and press while the lid
is closed on all parts, corners included, of
the heat press to ensure I am getting pressure
on every part of the transfer.. I'm sure
an oven mit would work too)

7. Open The Press and hot peel your transfer

These are instructions from the Manufacturer and
have worked for me personally!
Please let me know if you have any questions!
Thank you for support us, we appreciate your business!
-ABI Designs