Frequently Asked Questions

This is going to be a Q&A post because we have a lot of new members and I want to try and put everything you need to know in one post, well hopefully I won't miss anything

💥Do you offer screen printing, sublimation, and HTV?
Yes we offer Screen Printing and Sublimation.
HTV will be coming soon

💥Where do I got to order?

💥How do I know what's offered in Sub and what's offered in Screen Print?
Look at the header of the post.. if it is Screen Print it will be labeled as such. If it doesn't have anything or says New Sub Designs then it is for sublimation ONLY!!

💥How do you press your transfers?
Subs-385-400 degrees F for 45-60 secs
Screen Prints 325-350 or high heat soft feel 375-385 7-10 secs lots of hard even pressure~ I use an oven mit or folded teflon sheet and put between my hand and the top of the press to press over the top of every portion of the heat press to distribute even heat over all of the transfer.

💥Do you offer customs?
Yes we offer customs. We charge a fee for customs and it just depends on the artwork needed and what the art work is for, sub or screen print....normally ranges $5-$10 but sometimes can be free. It will be at our discretion what we feel is fair . Also we do not make the art work or make the physical product until the item is paid for. We spend too many hours creating customs for customers to back out and then leave us with something that was a waste of time and money. Message us with your custom needs please

💥How much are your transfers?
Sublimation transfers price varies bc of size- the price list can be found under the announcement tab or on the website on each listing.
Screen Print transfer price varies bc of colors- you can find the cost of them on the website on each listing

💥How do pre orders work?
Screen print preorders open up at the beginning of the week and close the following Sunday. I will sometimes add quick orders or new designs throughout the week. If it doesn't state a different close date then Sunday is the close date. All Pre orders required a MOQ to be met as a group! That MoQ is 40 unless otherwise stated!

💥How much is shipping?
Shipping is based on weight...
If you would like to upgrade you may do so at checkout
First class is 2-5 days
Priority is 1-3 days
Once I make a shipping label the website should email you with tracking. Please verify that your email and address are correct bc I have no control over where the email gets sent to or what address I mail the transfers to

💥What is TAT?
With the holidays approaching and more orders coming in.... These are all calculated into business days, exclude holidays and weekends
Sub tat is7-10 days
RTS Screen Print transfers 1-5 days
Preorders Screen Prints- 7-10 days

💥If I have a file and want it made into a sub or screen print can you print it?
Sure can. If you want to leave it exclusive I can. if you want to make it into screen print and want to help lower the cost if possible I can run it in the group with your permission.

💥What if the website it down how do I order?
Please message me -ABI Designs 

💥Do I offer digitals?
yes look under digital downloads

💥Do you have designated hours?
I try to stay in contact with everyone as much as possible but I do have a family and weekends tend to lean towards them and my house hold duties.
If I missed any info you are looking for please feel free to ask in the comments. Thanks!