Flour sack kitchen towel white (11/19)-great for screen prints

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★ A uniform 27x27”, 130 thread count, 3 oz each heavyweight old fashioned flour sack dish towels and hemmed on all sides

★ Expertly crafted hems give each towel a tidy, unmistakable quality and durability

★ 100% premium cotton fabric

★ A corner loop for convenient storage or hang drying

★ Best absorbency properties

★ Perfect tea towel blank for embroidery, screen printing, and vinyl

★ Breathable, making it ideal for baking yeast rising recipes

★ Sanitary for kitchen cleaning or drying

★ Structural integrity maintained if used as an embroidery foundation

★ Pre-washed to avoid shrinking (pre-wash before use to maximize each old-fashioned flour sack kitchen towels absorbency)

★ Washer and dryer safe